Top specifications of a generator you should consider during purchasing

The specifications of a generator are an important factor to consider when purchasing these units. A typical diesel or electric generator will have many specifications. Therefore, you need to know the different specifications on a generator in order to determine the model and type of generator that will suit your home and business purposes. Before you buy the best diesel generators, you must first understand the power of the generators and how it is measured. Power is typically measured in wattage and voltage. Wattage is computed by taking the total number of amps and volts the generator produces and multiplying both together. Because there is a lot of information here, the advantage is that you can find it on the specification sheet provided by the manufacturer, on data plate or on owner’s manual.

Voltage on the other hand is the total potential energy on circuits. In the onan 8000 quiet diesel generator, the voltage of the generator will come in three phases that include 120/240, 240 and 120. If you want to determine the ideal size generator essential for your needs, what you should do is to add up the number of watts necessary for your needs once and select a unit that will cover the range you have specified. Understand that in generator jargon, the “size” of a generator does not refer to its width, height or length dimensions. Rather, size refers to the number of watts the unit can produce at a given time. Therefore, be aware that the primary wattage can be higher than its running wattage.

If you do not know what size of generator to purchase, be sure to ask your dealer. Moreover, ask your dealer to give you the owner’s manual or show you the location of the data plate on the generator. Both of these places have important information you might need in future especially when considering onan diesel generator troubleshooting.

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