Profile of Lavender

The production of lavender essential oil results from steam distillation of lavender plants. Essential oils that are made from Lavandula officinalis are more hoped and complex, but are also more expensive because of the difficulting that comes with creating it. It’s easier to grow Lavandula angustifolia, but the oil it produces cannot be used in as many ways. Often, lavender oil is packaged as “lavandin”, a low quality, cheap oil that one should not use at all for health purposes.

Lavender Profile
Lavender has a sweet scent of a flower. It’s classified as middle note oil, but depending on what’s it’s mixed with it could be thought of as a top note or key.
The properties are calm, comfort, and help correct conditions. It’s mild, cooling, and sterilized. Lavender is thought of to be the universal oil, and can be mixed with many other oils to gain a great deal of benefits. Aroma therapists will often say that lavender is a must have.
Physical Benefits
Lavender is very effective when used for skin care, specifically acne or dry skin. For relief from stress migraines, place several drops on the temples. If you have been out in the sun recently and are looking for something to comfort and cool your skin, lavender essential oil will do just that. Provence lavender oil also works against bug bites and lowers blood pressure due to the anti-stress characteristics.
Because of the anti-redness and convulsive effects lavender has, it’s excellent to use when dealing with respiratory problems. Children can benefit from it too. Its humidifying and exciting effects help with dry scalp and hair shine.
Mental Effects
The comforting and peaceful effects help provide stress relief. Lavender essential oil works also as an antidepressant and helps improve moods. If you have trouble sleeping, lavender essential oils can help you sleep better because of the mild depressant impact it has. lavender oil for hair is also very much beneficial for them.
When using lavender, there are some precautions you should take. The most important would be to make sure that you find high quality oils. Many variations of this oil are sold, and not all of them are high quality. So if you find one that is cheap in price, then it’s probably one that you should stay away and does not buy lavender oil of quality that is not up to standards from as it won’t give you the benefits of real lavender essential oils.

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