All about beanie caps

The invention of different types of headgears has been a process that has continued for centuries. The berets, helmets, beaver hats, hoods and even the Skully hat have been used to cover head. Some hats are used as a style statement that helps to complete the entire look, while some headgears are used for a particular purpose. For instance, woolen hoods are worn as a means to protect oneself in winters. On the other hand, the helmets are used as a protective gear used to protect the head from serious injuries.

The skully hats have been very popular among men and women. These caps are usually used with casual attire. You can easily find a great variety of mens beanie and women beanies in the market. Beanie caps are available in many different fabrics and textures. They can be used to get protection from the chilly winter wind, spring breeze or the autumn sleet. The manufacturers of skully hats continue to introduce better designs for the caps, making them a must have for everyone.
What is a beanie?
This is basically a headwear made up of a very soft fabric that fits around the head. They are usually woven or knitted.
What are the benefits of using skully caps?
• They can be used to protect one from catching a cold during winter
• They can be worn while cycling or during any other physical activity to keep the hair away from the eyes
• The stretchable nature of the beanie makes it perfectly fit the head of the wearer
• The beanie caps are extremely easy to keep in a pocket or a purse and carry from one place to another
• They can be used to add more style to your look
• The great variety and colors of the mens beanie and women beanie caps make it easy for the wearer to match the headwear with their clothes.

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